The Well Youth Drop-In began in September 2018 and has since blessed over 130 individual young people’s lives by providing a safe, fun place to go after school and have supportive adults they can turn to.

In the first two years, The Well went from being open one day per week to two, and the vision is to increase this over time to a five-day-a-week offering for young people.

Our offering to local young people continues through-out the pandemic each week with activities and support online.

Monday is our Mental Health Matters day where we check-in with young people and share helpful and practical things to help them care for their mental well-being. Wednesdays there is streamed Gaming Online. Thursdays, we have our Academic Support on Zoom for young people who’d like help from tutors and teachers or others to work alongside. And throughout the week there are fun challenge videos, Instagram live chats, quizzes and news updates.


Our Vision

We want young people to be welcomed, known and supported by the local church, seeing them positively transformed and thriving through belonging to a safe home away from home.

Our Mission

We will do this by welcoming all young people through our doors, creating spaces that are relaxed, homely and friendly; Understanding their needs, we will create co-produced projects with young people, giving them the skills and opportunities needed to develop into thriving adults.

Our Core Values

  • Consistency and open access – Open five days a week to any young person, providing a consistent core team of youth workers and volunteers available to support young people, building long-term relationships.
  • Home away from home – a welcoming environment with a more informal structure to sessions with refreshments available to young people
  • Co-Design – Opportunities for young people, alongside youth workers to co-design sessions and projects that respond to their needs, skills and interests
  • Lasting positive change – Creating leadership opportunities, to cultivate confidence and give young people practical experiences in preparation for adulthood
  • Recognising the Individual – Being flexible in our approach to supporting each young person based on their individual needs and aspirations


The Well is based at Emmanuel Hall, Common Road, Claygate KT10 0HU.

Our facilities have huge potential but hold us back in many ways.

Poor heating and insulation

  • There is no roof insulation in the hall
  • The existing heating is ineffective and very noisy
  • The windows only have secondary glazing

Inadequate kitchen facilities

  • The kitchen is not suitable for catering, with no oven or hob
  • There is a lack of food preparation space
  • Access to the toilet is through the food preparation area

Poor use of space

  • There is a whole room of wasted space next to the kitchen, which would be perfect for a small eating or café space
  • The toilets are not accessible for wheelchair users and are not inclusive

Main hall area not fit for purpose

  • The carpets are old and stained
  • The stage in the main room takes up a significant area, reducing the flexibility in the use of the remaining space


Our plan is to remedy these shortcomings by making the following improvements:

  • New radiators
  • Replacement double-glazed windows
  • Ceiling insulation
  • Glazed entrance lobby to reduce heat-loss through front door
  • Loft storage space above entrance lobby
  • Upgraded kitchen area, including a hob and oven and new kitchen units
  • Serving hatch through to eating area
  • Access to eating area from main hall opened-up
  • Redesigned toilet area with an accessible toilet
  • Staging in main hall removed
  • New floor covering in main hall

These upgrades would make a massive impact to the work The Well is doing in coming alongside and supporting young people.

They will transform our building so that it is welcoming, homely and a place where young people feel comfortable in.

The overall cost of the project will be around £75,000.  We have currently raised £37,000.

This will allow us to deliver half the improvements and we will work closely with the builder and the youth team to make the most effective use of these funds.

We will carry out the first phase of the building work over the summer, with the aim of completing it in time for the start of the autumn term in September.

We will continue to pursue grants to help us to raise the remainder of the money we need to transform Emmanuel Hall.

If you would like to contribute to the project then please contact our Gift Secretary, John Smith (