‘Hymns We Love’ – exploring hymns that take us to the heart of the Christian faith.

New course starts on January 23rd.

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The ‘Hymns We Love’ series is designed to help people gather together, sing well-loved hymns and explore the explore the Christian faith in a gentle but faithful way.

The series is designed with the older generation in mind, however it can be enjoyed by people of all ages. It’s flexible enough to be used by groups of any size – from large gatherings in a church hall to just two people in someone’s home.

The ‘Hymns We Love’ series was developed by Steve and Pippa Cramer, Pastoral Care and Seniors Minister at Holy Trinity Claygate. Pippa developed our flagship Connections program for seniors to help address issues like loneliness and isolation.

The Cramers realised that the growing older population often have a residual affection for Christian hymns, some of which they may have sung in years gone by.

‘Hymns We Love’ uses those wonderful hymns as a means of sharing the gospel and can be a catalyst for local churches to reach out with friendship and hope.


8 Video Sessions

Each of the 8 sessions features a beautifully shot video and includes a lovely rendition of the hymn as well as interviews, a prayer and a short talk. You can watch the whole of session 1 here.

Leaders Guide

There is also a comprehensive leaders guide, full of help and advice to run the series and get going with outreach to seniors, and again you can view the notes for session 1 here.

June Launch

Hymns We Love launches in June and the easiest way to get started is to buy a Leader’s Kit which contains everything you need to plan a series.

Join Us in Prayer

We hope and pray that this resource will be helpful to you as you reach out to the seniors in your community with the good news of the gospel.


All Hymns We Love talks can be heard on Option 1 of the free phone line, Daily Hope (0800 804 8044), which was set up during the pandemic to reach those not connected to the internet, shielding at home.

This was set up alongside The Church of England and the charity, Faith in Later Life. This is still going today and continues to be a lifeline to so many.